Choosing a Career in AI/ ML as a Student in Pakistan

GDSC-NUML is collaborating with Devsinc for an engaging session on " Choosing a Career in AI/ML as a Student in Pakistan. " Here's what we'll cover: 1. Pathway to AI/ML 2. General Breakdown of AI/ML 3. Current Trends in the Industry 4. How to Stand Out in Interviews

Jan 23, 1:00 – 2:00 PM



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πŸš€ Exciting News for AI/ML Enthusiasts! πŸš€

GDSC-NUML is thrilled to announce an engaging collaboration with Devsinc for a power-packed session on "Choosing a Career in AI/ML as a Student in Pakistan." πŸ€–βœ¨

πŸ“† Date: 23rd January 2024

πŸ•• Time: 06:00 PM (Pakistan Standard Time)

πŸ” Agenda:

1️⃣ Pathway to AI/ML: Discover the roadmap to embark on a thrilling journey in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

2️⃣ General Breakdown of AI/ML: Gain insights into the fundamentals that shape the AI/ML landscape, providing a solid foundation for your future endeavors.

3️⃣ Current Trends in the Industry: Stay ahead of the curve by exploring the latest trends and innovations in the dynamic field of AI/ML.

4️⃣ How to Stand Out in Interviews: Learn valuable tips and strategies to make a lasting impression and excel in AI/ML interviews.

πŸ“Œ Save the Date: Make sure to mark your calendars for this enriching experience on 23rd January 2024 at 06:00 PM (Pakistan Standard Time).

πŸš€ Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to dive into the world of AI/ML and kickstart your career with confidence! πŸš€


  • Osama Manzoor


    Software Engineer


  • Junaid Asif



  • Samar Ali

    GDSC Lead

  • Umer Hassan Khan

    Co Lead

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