Hands-On PHP and Laravel

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About this event

Get ready for another exciting event by DSC NUML, where we will get a hands-on approach to the "PHP and Laravel" Environment. It will boost your existing knowledge as well as it will be a new learning experience for you.

We have arranged a live demo session in which our speaker will demonstrate how you can also implement "PHP and Laravel in your future projects".

1. Laravel Installation:

· Composer

· Node JS

· PHP + Local Host

2. Creating Laravel Project:

· Using CMD/PowerShell

· Database Connectivity

3. MVC Integration:

· Creating Models, Controllers & Views

· Using Artisan Commands

· Creating Migrations and Routing

4. Developing a Blog Application:

· Creating, Viewing, Updating, and Deleting a Blog

5. Using Composer to Install Third-Party Packages:

· CK Editor (WYSIWG Editor)

· Authentication (Sign in / Register)

After attending this session, you would be able to create a Laravel project with:

· Understanding of CRUD Operations

· Database Connectivity & Migrations

· Implementation of MVC Framework

· Routing and Requests.

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DSC Numl



Sunday, Mar 7
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (PKT)