HANDS ON: A Peer to Peer Conference

RM304, RM306 Computer Laboratory - NU Baliwag Bulacan, 3006 - View Map National University, Baliwag Campus
Wed, Jan 18, 8:00 AM (PST)

“Hands On” is a peer-to-peer workshop session of NU Literates and GDSC NU Baliwag. The event will teach students how to build a basic AUTHENTICATION of logging in & registration application using Flutter PLUS a LAYOUTHINGZ workshop for the Creatives Department. This is in preparation to the upcoming Google Solutions Challenge 2023.

About this event

The objective of NU Literates, in collaboration with each of its subsidiary organizations, is to assist students from our community in learning additional technological disciplines that they may use in their future careers. We will mold and broaden students' knowledge and expertise in developing mobile applications utilizing a variety of technologies.

This peer-to-peer session can provide a safe, open environment for practicing professional communication methods, such as being a better listener, clearly presenting our arguments and thoughts, and being open to the perspectives of others.

In addition to having connections to other students, NU Literates believes that this event will provide everyone the opportunity to meet other individuals who share their interests while also making a difference in the community.


1. Adopt new skills and learnings, and create memories and experiences from the event as it is the first Onboarding event of the university for Nooglers.

2. Listen to other students who are majoring in their field of specialty and inspire and motivate our students on their careers and journey in this field.

3. Last but not least, develop an application that applies their skills on both UI/UX and the backend by building a simple Flutter application.


Wednesday, Jan 18
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PST)


RM304, RM306 Computer Laboratory
NU Baliwag Bulacan3006


  • Jeyym Santos

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    Caryl Rociel Santiago

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