GDSC Info Session & Onboarding: Executive Board & Core Team

National University, Baliwag Campus
Wed, Sep 14, 2022, 6:00 PM (PST)

This Info Session establishes the connection between the Executive Board & Core Team of GDSC NU Baliwag. This allows the selected leaders of the chapter to grasp the objectives and purpose of Google Developer Student Clubs.

About this event

GDSC NU Baliwag is founded on August 14, 2022, after the successful application of our pioneering GDSC Lead. This chapter aims to introduce technology to our Nationalians and allow them to experience how is it like to build solutions and applications that would make an impact on the community. One of the 30 recognized chapters of Google Developer Student Clubs along with other 200+ leads globally, we bridge gaps, expand our connections, upskill and grow the potentials that are within our students.

This chapter is composed of 3 departments, 9 executive boards, and 9 core teams. See you on our onboarding, Core Team!


  • Jeyym Santos

    Jeyym Santos

    GDSC NU Baliwag

    GDSC Lead

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  • Brenley Ian Robles

    Brenley Ian Robles

    GDSC NU Baliwag

    Chief Operations Officer

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  • Rachel Stephanie Marcelo

    Rachel Stephanie Marcelo

    GDSC NU Baliwag

    Executive Secretary

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  • Caryl Rociel Santiago

    Caryl Rociel Santiago

    National University - Baliwag

    Chief Human Resource Officer

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  • Destiny Mosqueda

    Destiny Mosqueda

    GDSC NU Baliwag

    Chief Creatives Officer

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  • Nichole Joyce Santos

    Nichole Joyce Santos

    GDSC, NU Baliwag

    Chief Finance Officer

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  • Arabella Flores

    Arabella Flores

    GDSC NU Baliwag

    Chief Audit Officer

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  • Gabriel John Hill Maraño

    Gabriel John Hill Maraño

    GDSC NU Baliwag

    Chief Technology Officer

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  • Alliah Tolentino

    Alliah Tolentino

    Chief Community Development Officer

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