Explore ML 2 - 深入機器學習 (Explore ML 2 - Dive Deep into Machine Learning)

國立臺灣科技大學 研揚大樓 TR-514, 43 Section 4, Keelung Road, Da'an Dist., Taipei City, 106335

🧑‍💻 實際體會深度學習 (Experience Deep Learning in Practice) 🧑‍💻

Nov 21, 2023, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM



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Explore ML

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上一堂 Explore ML 的社課過後,相信大家有更了解機器學習是什麼了。





🔰初級 - 新手向


1. 電腦怎麼「想」? - 深入來談神經網路

2. 來實際動手吧! - 如何使用 TensorFlow Playground




📍地點:台科TR-514 + 線上(連結會用電子郵件寄出)

🔗報名表單: https://forms.gle/hWRSfZpVgZSmifm97


1. 課程中有實作環節,需要用到能操作網頁的設備。

2. 如果想取得 Explore ML 的證書,需要上過上一堂 EML 的社課。如果您還沒上過的話,可以到我們的 YouTube 頻道觀看。

3. 對於社團有任何疑問都可以私訊小編喔!

--- English Version ---

After the last Explore ML course, hopefully everyone has a better understanding of what machine learning is.

Now that we've gained that understanding, of course many of you are probably eager to try out some simple machine learning project.

(Don't worry, it's definitely not about natural language models. 😆)

So let's teach the computer to distinguish between cats and dogs, and experience the feeling of being a data magician together!

[Course Level]

🔰 Easy - For beginners

[Course Content]

1. How do computers "think"? - Deeper into neural networks

2. Let's try it out! - How to use TensorFlow Playground

[Course Information]

🗓️ Date: 11/21 (Tue.)

⏰ Time: 19:00~21:00

📍 Location: NTUST TR-514 + Online (Link will be sent via email)

🔗 Registration Form: https://forms.gle/hWRSfZpVgZSmifm97


1. There will be hands-on sessions during the course, which will require you to bring a device that can browse the internet.

2. You need to attend the previous EML course if you want the certificate. If you haven't attended it before, you can watch it on our YouTube channel.

3. You are welcomed to send PMs if you have questions!

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