MLM: Project Hub: "Historical Figures Recognition"

Google Develope Student Club, ENIT

About this event

We are glad to inform you that we, the 3 Units in collaborations and unison, Google Developer Student Club ENIT, IEEE ENIT Student Branch & its IEEE ENIT CS Chapter, and the IEEE ESSTHS Student Branch and its IEEE ESSTHS CIS Chapter, are collaborating with Google Developers🔥. to host MLM, Machine Learning March in its first edition & ML Olympiad - Preserving North African Culture international Kaggle competition.💻

In this month-long event, March takes on the theme of machine learning! you will get the opportunity to learn all about ML, with 30+Hours of content, including 3 competitions, a conference & an International Kaggle Competition sponsored by Google.

Certificates will be given to participants who complete the program, and Swag packs & prizes will be awarded to the winners. ✨

In tonight's session we will be having our first project : "Historical Figures Recognition"


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Wednesday, Mar 16
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CET)