GDSC NIT Andhra Winter School

About this event

Winter school is an online learning course which aims at teaching the fundamentals of programming to all the budding programmers in our country.

Winter School is a learning unit with 3 phases: E-learning, In-residence, and Final Assignment. We will dive into all the fundamental topics within each course as well as provide resources required for more in-depth understanding of concepts.

The 3 courses being offered by GDSC NIT Andhra Pradesh for Winter School are:

1. Git and Github

Mentor- Mamoor Jaan Khan

2. Web Development

Mentor- Vobugari Karthik

3. Data Structures & Algorithms

Mentor- Ritvik G

An Induction Programme is scheduled to take place on 21st December 2022, where the students will be in company of prolific speakers established in this field and get to hear words of encouragement from them.

The induction programme will also highlight the flow of events and schedule by which the entire course will be conducted through, after which our mentors will provide a brief introduction about themselves and the course under their wing.

Classes will begin from 22nd December, 2022 and go for a period of 9 days till 30th December, 2022.

On 31st December,2022, problem statements for each course will be released.

The courses will be taught from the very basics, while keeping in mind the practical application of these subjects.

Additionally, we are bringing in renowned professionals in these fields to share their insights and knowledge regarding these subjects.

Advantages of enrolling into Winter School:

- 1-1 doubt sessions.

- Practical project implementation.

- After completion of course, the attendees will be provided with certificates issued by GDSC

- Internship opportunities provided to those who do well in their respective courses.