Design Challenge-I

About this event

Buy, sell, rent or borrow anything (books, accessories, bicycle, EGD tool, lab coat etc.) at an affordable price within the NIT SILCHAR campus with the help of Easy Exchange App. Includes secure payment methods and encrypted user details. The app focuses on renting frequently used college accessories.

Intended users will be NIT Silchar students and the faculty. Also the user base can be increased to all lower to high school students of our KV school and LP school.

Core Features:

1. Users can buy, sell or rent their books, accessories like Lab Coat, Drafter, Bicycle, Mobile phones, etc. instantly.

2. Users can borrow other registered user's bike, bicycle, etc. according to availability and willingness of owner through this


3. Secure payment gateway.

4. Encrypted user information and user data privacy will be prioritized.

Rules and Regulations:

One person, one entry. No teams or pairs allowed.

Time of 3 days is being provided.

Go through the app details above carefully for coming up with a proper logo and tagline.

Logo format will be .jpg or .jpeg or .png

Judges are the 3rd year DSC Design moderators and their decision will be final and binding.


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