HackNITR 2.0

HackNITR is one of a kind hackathon that endeavours to bring and integrate talent, innovation, and creativity under one roof to build solutions for real-world problems using the latest technologies and would be one of the largest hackathons in the region is set to lit up the stage from 19-21 March 2021. More details can be found on the official website- https://hacknitr.tech/

Mar 19, 2021, 12:30 PM – Mar 21, 2021, 6:15 PM



Key Themes

AR / VRAndroidCareer DevelopmentGoogle AssistantSolution ChallengeWeb

About this event

Ever thought of an opportunity for showcasing your hacks, but don't have one?!! Be a part of the platform which celebrates the best ideas and innovations, a platform to learn, grow, and be inspired. Get a chance to compete with like-minded people worldwide and build something impactful and useful in a limited time!

HackNITR 2.0 is a hackathon that endeavours to bring and integrate talent, innovation, and creativity under one roof to build solutions for real-world problems. The goal of organising HackNITR hackathon has been to grow our local community and giving hackers an unforgettable hacking experience. We aspire to reach out to as many hackers as we can. We especially want to be welcoming to newcomers and help them get involved in an activity to grow their involvement in our community. As hackers our -selves, we very well understand the fear of starting out the hackathon journey. We would like to give our best effort in making this transition as fruit -ful as possible.

Organized by the DSC NIT Rourkela and Opencode club of NITR, it is considered the clubs' flagship event for the year. It has no eligibility barriers and a preferred tech stack. As long as you have the idea and the will to make it a reality, you are welcome to participate. Moreover, educational workshops from prominent tech leaders to add icing to the cake.

Come join HackNITR 2.0 to kick off your journey in hackathons, whether it's creating a project, attending a presentation from an industry professional, or just coming to learn, create and compete.

  • Win awesome prizes and schwag
  • Build for the community
  • Innovate with new technologies
  • Contribute to opensource
  • Learn from the best in the industry

Register at hacknitr.tech


Join Discord: hacknitr.tech/discord


  • Juan Pablo Flores


    Student Program Manager

  • Nil Nil

  • Logan Kilpatrick

    Apple, Julia Language

    Software Engineer

  • Gaurav Sen

    Interview Ready


  • Siddhant Agarwal

    Google India

    Developer Relations


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  • Nikhil Jaiswal

    GDSC Lead

  • Ashish Padhy

    Core Team

  • Jayesh Nayak

    Core Team

  • Astitva Tripathi

    Core Team

  • Ashutosh Rath

    Core Team

  • Anmol Pattnayak

    Core Team


    Core Team

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