Android Study Jam | New to Programming Track | NIT Rourkela

We'll be covering the very basics of Kotlin programming language, set up the development environment, make some simple apps.

Dec 3, 2020, 1:00 PM – Dec 9, 2020, 3:30 PM



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By the end of this track, you will be able to write simple but effective apps, designing your own layout, showing text and buttons, and showing lists of data.


Install android studio beforehand. Click here for instructions on how to.


There will be a facilitator explaining you everything that you will require to complete the track. There will be an online platform which will guide you through specific topics. Let us say the facilitator is the teacher and the online platform is your textbook. During the online session, you can either choose to listen to the facilitator taking notes and understanding, or jump right in and start solving the track on the online platform.


Currently, we have two study jams planned, spanning between 2nd December 2020 to 9th December 2020. 


For every module of the track you complete, you will be getting a virtual badge on your profile. On completion of the whole track, you will be provided with a digital certificate. You can show both of these in your resume!


Join the #app-dev channel on NITR Devs slack here . This slack channel will be the mode of all future communication. You can ask for any doubts and it will be cleared. You can also find more details about the Android Study Jam here


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