Code Ignitor v3.0

National Institute of Technology (NIT) - Patna
Sun, Dec 27, 2020, 5:00 PM (IST)

HackSlash Developers Club and DSC NIT Patna together bring before you their first recruitment challenge for the year, Code-Ignitor. An aptitude-cum-recruitment test that helps you find the hidden developer in you. The test analyses your aptitude-level, quantitative analysis skills, visual thinking-patterns, collaborative and mathematical skills. No prior coding experience required.

About this event

HackSlash Developers Club and DSC NIT Patna together are here with their recruitment challenge for freshers, Code-Ignitor v3.0. The test is meant to find the learner in you, with the help of a series of aptitude and inter-personal questions. No prior coding or development experience is required.

So if you think you have it in you to be a promising software developer, data scientist, designer, hardware enthusiast, or competitive programmer, here is your chance.

Top performers get a chance to get recruited in the clubs and contribute to the club's Open Source repositories and free access to resources for commencing Web/Android/ML/Hardware/Game Dev/Design and much more!

Here's all that you need to know about the test

  • Only open for freshers
  • Does not involve any coding
  • Hosted on HackerEarth, similar to aptitude rounds for placement in companies
  • 45 mins in length, can start at any time between 5 PM and 6 PM on 27th Dec
  • Involves negative marking in some sections
  • No strict cutoff - we'll select as many applicants as we feel fit!