Web Blitz 2.0

About this event

Web Blitz 2.0

A web development workshop

This year’s Web Blitz brings you a 4-day workshop to introduce you to the world of web development. We’ll begin with HTML on day one and follow it up by CSS for day two. After a 2 day break, we’ll get into the weird and awesome language, JavaScript.

You can also earn yourself a certificate by completing a “challenge”!

Here’s a quick rundown of the event:


We’ll discuss how everything falls into place in Web Dev and how some things work underneath. We’ll also, of course, begin the hands-on part of our workshop with the basics of HTML.


After a quick recap of our last session, we’ll get into a somewhat hectic topic: CSS, where you’ll learn to stylise your webpage.


After a 2 day break, where you get to experiment with your newly found knowledge, in comes JS or JavaScript. We understand that this could be your first programming language and we’ll keep the lessons with that in mind so don’t worry!


Although we would like to complete this topic in a single day, JS has a lot to uncover, especially if you are working with a programming language for the first time. That’s fine because after this day you’ll be up and running with some neat JS code in your backpocket.

The challenge:

Remember the event our friends at the UI/UX event organised a month ago? You’ll have to re-create that but this time as a web developer. Don’t worry we’ll send you the design you’ll be working with if you weren’t there and the time allotted to you will be reasonable. We’ll tell you more about the details in the workshop itself.


Yes, it’s beginner-friendly but there still are some things you’ll need for the workshop. First of which is, unshockingly, a PC or laptop. Secondly, you’ll need a text editor. We recommend VS-code because that’s what we’ll be using during the event. You are free to download any. There are a lot of guides online on how to get started with VS-code or its counterparts, so you should definitely check them out. (PS. don’t use notepad)


March 17 - 24
5:30 PM (IST)


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