Intro to Cloud

About this event

If you have been into the development world, you must have heard 'cloud'. It's the new buzzword. Cloud can be of great use if you are a developer or maybe if you have a start-up. There was a time when companies needed to set up server infrastructure on-premises, which involved a lot of time, money, and also risk. The risk is that the infrastructure was created based on some assumptions. What if the assumptions go wrong? To mitigate this issue, companies started using cloud, and soon almost every company you see today adopted this. Cloud solves a lot of common problems. There is no upfront cost of setting up the server, there isn't a requirement of a very large team to manage the cloud infrastructure, and also it has saved costs. Today, it's a great skill to be aware of cloud services and be able to use them. In this session, we will start with the basic intro to cloud and then will look into the deployment of applications using the cloud. Less theory but a lot of examples and some real hands-on. Join us in this event to get started with cloud


September 11 - 12
3:00 PM (IST)