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Using Visual Studio Code to install Flutter

Step 1:The first step is to get the Flutter SDK. To work with flutter, we'll need to obtain the Flutter SDK file. We may easily obtain it from Flutter's official website.

Step 2: Set the path for the Environment variable. After you've downloaded Flutter SDK, unpack it and copy the bin folder's location.

Now We have to set up the Visual Studio Code for the Flutter. The very first extension is Flutter and 2nd is Dart. Note that Dart is the programming language that is used in flutter for the application development for both android and iOS.

Step 3: Install Flutter in Visual Studio Code.

Step 4: Now open Visual Studio Code and install Dart.

Step 5: Now we have successfully added Flutter and Dart to the Visual studio code, To check if flutter is installed or not type the following “flutter –version”, if everything is fine then it will normally show the version of the installed flutter.

Step 6: Now for creating a new flutter project write the following in the visual studio Code terminal, “flutter create testproject”.

We must move our directory to the testproject by typing cd testproject, and then run the programme by entering flutter run. It will ask where you want to see the results, so type 1 or 2 to select the chosen browser.

Output: Now we're ready to look at the results; by default, it has a programme with a button that, when clicked, displays a counter in the middle.



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