The Engineer Hackathon

About this event

Greetings from Team Engineer 2022✨

We're happy to present to you The Engineer Hackathon🎊, a 24 hour hackathon as a part of NITK's Annual Technical Fest Engineer. The hackathon will provide an opportunity to build something unique and showcase your ideas. In addition to total prizes worth over 50K INR, Winners also get a chance to secure continuity grants upto 10k USD to turn their idea into a real-world product!😎

🗓️: 1pm, 24th September , 2022 - 1pm, 25th September, 2022 (IST)

Forming teams (upto 4 members) is encouraged. The mode of conduct of the hackathon is hybrid, people interested in working on it offline can come to NITK as well. It's OPEN TO EVERYONE!

Registration link-

Refreshments will be provided to offline participants. More details and FAQs regarding the hackathon can be found on the website.