Fun With Flutter - Flutter Festival NITH

About this event

Back with a Bang! Make your own app with flutter. 🎊

Build Cross-platform apps in a jiffy. Join us to get the music started literally by making a Xylophone as your first demo app.

   βœ¨ Fun With Flutter ✨

A Hands-On Flutter Series conducted by GDSC NITH.🀩

πŸ“† : 26th March

⏰ : 4:00 pm onwards

Topics we'll be covering:

~ Basics of flutter and dart programming

~ Cloning a repo from git

~ Importing third party packages from

Make sure you've installed Flutter SDK , an editor and Git installed on your system.

If not, try from here:  And for Git:

See you at the event πŸ™ŒπŸ»