M-Next: The Moroccan Solution Challenge Pre-selection

GDSC-INSEA is organizing a mini-ideathon to pre-select its representatives for the second edition of M-Next: the Moroccan Solution Challenge, organized by GDSC of Morocco.

About this event

As the international hackathon Solution Challenge has been launched, GDSC of Morocco organize the second edition of the Moroccan version M-Next 🎉

🚀 Do you have an innovative idea that could make a positive impact on the world?

This is your chance to showcase your creativity and problem-solving skill, and potentially win big prizes.

So what are you waiting for? Join us tomorrow at 9pm in an online session to find out more about the Solution Challenge and M-Next hackathon that will take place at UM6P next weekend!

Don't forget to tag your friends who might be interested in this opportunity. Let's make a difference together!


📆 25th Feb, at 9pm