Starry Night

International scouts center - Borj Cedria Borj el cedria, 3041 - View Map national engineering school of electronics and telecoms of sfax
Mon, Dec 26, 2022, 6:22 PM (CET)

About this event

It's finally time to unwind after a long , exhausting semester😍😍

Get ready, and let's have some fun😉

Let's doze off beneath the stars and contemplate the sky⭐️🌠

you're all invited to our Starry Night on 17th and 18th of december as Borj el cedria scouts ' Center is opening its door for us where life gets better around the campfire⛺️

Prepare yourself for our ghost stories and the tents under the bright, starry sky🔭🌟

📣Our camping trip contains an astronomical adventure in which we will embrace:

-a planetarium observation🌚

- Workshop on general astronomy🔭

-Workshop on astrophysics🚀

-stellar tourism🌌🌠

-lunch and dinner on december 17🍽

-breakfast on december 18


Monday, Dec 26
6:22 PM - 6:22 PM (CET)


International scouts center
Borj Cedria Borj el cedria3041


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