Python For Machine Learning

ENETCOM, Hay el Ons, Sfax, Sakiet Ezzit, 3102

Join us in our Bootcamp session for machine learning where we'll talk about python libraries that are used in machine learning

Oct 2, 2021, 1:00 – 4:00 PM



Key Themes

Machine Learning

About this event

Session 1: Data Analysis & Pre-processing

🔥Python Basics: Loops & Lists.

-Numpy arrays: Slicing.

-Pandas Dataframes: Slicing.


-Encoding Techniques.

-Imputing missing values.

-Data Scaling.

🔥Exploratory Analysis:

-Basic statistics & exploration with Pandas.

-Types of plots & their meanings.

-How to choose encoding & imputing techniques based on EDA.



Saturday, October 2, 2021
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM UTC


  • Adam Saleh Ben Khalifa

    National School of Electronics and telecommunications of sfax

    GDSC Lead

  • med aziz benlazreg


    Events Department Co-Lead

  • Hanine Mahmoudi

    National School of Electronics and Telecommunications Of Sfax

    Events Department Lead

  • Omar Bouaziz

    Machine Learning Department Co-Lead

  • Wissem Karous

    Machine Learning Department Lead

  • Ranim Hassine

    Cyber Security Department Co-Lead

  • Alaa Eddine Ayedi

    Cyber Security Department Lead

  • atig ilef

    Talent & Office Manager

  • Mariam Ghamgui

    WEB 3.0 Department Lead

  • Trabelsi Molka

    Marketing Department Lead

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