Hosting an AI in a local website

Enetcom - Sakiet ezzit , Sfax ONS, 3021 - View Map national engineering school of electronics and telecoms of sfax
Wed, Apr 20, 2022, 1:00 PM (CET)

About this event

in this event we will :

- create a simple machine learning model 

- save the model using the pickle library 

- use HTML to create a website template 

- create the backend with Flask 

- use the pretrained machine learning model in Flask 

- host the local website and use our pretrained model


Wednesday, Apr 20
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (CET)


Sakiet ezzit , Sfax ONS3021


  • Adam Saleh Ben Khalifa

    Adam Saleh Ben Khalifa

    National School of Electronics and telecommunications of sfax

    GDSC Lead

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  • med aziz benlazreg

    med aziz benlazreg


    Events Department Co-Lead

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  • hanyn mahmoudi

    hanyn mahmoudi

    Events Department Lead

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  • Omar Bouaziz

    Omar Bouaziz

    Machine Learning Department Co-Lead

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  • Wissem Karous

    Wissem Karous

    Machine Learning Department Lead

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  • Ranim Hassine

    Ranim Hassine

    Cyber Security Department Co-Lead

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  • Alaa Eddine Ayedi

    Alaa Eddine Ayedi

    Cyber Security Department Lead

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  • atig ilef

    atig ilef

    Talent & Office Manager

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  • Mariam Ghamgui

    Mariam Ghamgui

    WEB 3.0 Department Lead

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  • Trabelsi Molka

    Trabelsi Molka

    Marketing Department Lead

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