Flutter Forward : Dive into the world of Flutter layouts

Flutter Forward

Apr 13, 2023, 3:30 – 5:30 PM



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Join us for an exciting virtual session with a Flutter expert who will teach us about Flutter layouts and live coding on a project!

In this session, the expert will provide an in-depth introduction to Flutter layouts, covering topics such as widgets, constraints, and layout builders. They will also demonstrate how to create responsive layouts that work on a variety of devices, using real-world examples and live coding sessions.

Throughout the session, students will have the opportunity to follow along with the expert and ask questions, making it an interactive and engaging learning experience. The expert will also provide tips and tricks for designing beautiful and functional user interfaces with Flutter, helping students to enhance their skills in UI/UX design.

By the end of the session, students will have a solid understanding of Flutter layouts and how to use them to create professional-grade applications. They will also have gained valuable insights into the best practices and techniques used by experienced Flutter developers.

So don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to learn from a Flutter expert and take your skills to the next level. Register today for the virtual Flutter expert session on layouts and live coding!


  • Pratik Butani


    Flutter/Android team Lead


  • Arun Kumar

    GDSC Lead

  • Prajith Kumar.B

    Head of Operations | Web Development Facilitator

  • Mohammed Riyaz

    AI & ML Facilitator

  • Gokulnath B

    Cloud Facilitator

  • Kalpana M

    Flutter Facilitator

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