Python on the web (FastAPI)

Multimedia University
Jun 11 - 12, 2022, 3:00 PM (GMT+8)

About this event

Join us to learn FastAPI, an industry standard for web development and API deployment using Python.

If you have a working understanding of Python (maybe you took a Python course in uni) and are beginning to explore its applications beyond just the command line, this is the place for you!

Day 1 (Foundations of Python on the web):

1. Python basic recap

2. How does the web work?

3. Intro to HTML (Semantics of the web)

4. Styling with CSS (Just the basics)


6. Why Python on the web?

7. What is a web framework?

8. Why use FastAPI?

9. An introduction to FastAPI

Day 2 (Engineering powerful apps using Python and FastAPI):

1. Authentication with FastAPI

2. Building routes for CRUD

3. An Introduction to Postman and API testing

4. Building dynamic user interfaces

5. Hosting FastAPI applications

6. A brief introduction to microservices


June 11 - 12
3:00 PM (+08)