Introduction to Cloud Computing & GCP

Join us as we host GDE Nirav Kothari for our first-ever virtual Tech Talk about an Introduction to Cloud Computing and the Google Cloud Platform!

About this event

Hi, there!

30 Days of Google Cloud is upon us, so we thought we should give it a proper introduction. Join us for our virtual Tech Talk that dives deep into Cloud Computing, how it is relevant in our time and how it enables us to become better developers!

Our speaker for this event is none other than Google Developer Expert and Co-organizer for GDG Cloud, Mumbai - Nirav Kothari

He is a Technical Architect at Quantiphi Inc. and has over 16 years of distinguished experience with finding solutions related to Data Mining, Search engine optimization, NLP Applications, IoT, Chatbots, Integration of Enterprise applications, RPA etc., Software Development as well as System Design and Architecture, keeping industry-standard best practices at the heart of all operations. He is a Google Developer Expert for Google Cloud Platform and is the co-organizer of GDG Cloud, Mumbai since its inception back in June 2018. He has a strong expertise over Python, C++ and Java along with Open Source systems experience as well.

He is also a technical writer and shares his immense knowledge with the world through social media as well as blogs on Medium



Wednesday, Sep 22
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (IST)