Getting started with DevOps and Cloud

Join us for an insightful session on getting started with DevOps and Cloud Computing, designed for beginners and enthusiasts eager to dive into the world of modern software development and IT operations.

Jun 6, 5:00 – 6:45 PM



Key Themes

Cloud Study Jam

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Key Takeaways:

Understand the core principles of DevOps and how it bridges the gap between development and operations.

Explore the basics of cloud computing, including its various service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and deployment models (public, private, hybrid).

Get hands-on experience with popular DevOps tools and platforms such as Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and more.

Learn about continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines and their importance in modern software development.

Discover best practices for cloud infrastructure management, including provisioning, scaling, and monitoring.

Gain insights into the security considerations and compliance requirements in a cloud environment.

Engage in interactive demos and Q&A sessions to solidify your understanding and address any queries.


  • Joe .

    Software engineer


  • Joseph Muchiri

    GDSC Lead

  • Joy Watiri

    GDSC Vice-lead

  • Max Brillant

    Web Development Lead

  • Hamdi Abdirizak

    Cybersecurity lead

  • Nancy Kibara

    Community Engagement Lead

  • Felix Gecheo

    Andemoli Technologies

    Android lead

  • Jimleston Osoi


    ML & AI lead

  • Sanguli Philisiah

    Backend Development Lead

  • Asenath Ngumba

    Social Media Manager

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