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Google Cloud and ML kit Language identification, image labelling, text scanning, internet of things, big data analytics and MANY MANY more. All these are just SOME applications of Google cloud and ML kit. Who wouldn't want to learn that!✨ Join us at GDSC MESCOE for the flutter festival on 29th March,2022 ; 10 am onwards. join us on the wonderful journey of learning with friends🎉!

Mar 29, 2022, 6:30 – 8:30 AM



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About this event

Machine learning is that factor that turns any coder into a SMART developer

✨Text recognition

✨Image labelling

✨✨Barcode scanning

✨Face detection

✨Smart reply

✨On device translation

✨Language detection.....phew🤯..listing the applications of

Google ML kit and Google cloud is a lengthy task.

Luckily the process of learning how to achieve them yourself is NOT🎉🎉🎉

All you have to do to be introduced to google ML kit and Google Cloud is to

attend the final day of the 4 day flutter festival.

Title: explore google cloud and ML kit

Date: 29th march,2022

Time: 2 pm onwards

Venue: room 518

Kindly install beforehand: Git, Flutter, VS Code, Android studio

Join us on the final day of the much anticipated festival where we intend

to make "learning" and "enjoying" synonymous💫💫

Together lets flutter to the clouds of knowledge. ☁️🕊️


  • Hritvikk Gupta


    Technical Core


  • Tanvi Budhabaware


    Public Relations Core


  • Vaishnavi Joshi

    GDSC Lead

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