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Solution Challenge Kick-Off

Each year, Google puts a call out to the entire DSC global community, asking students to answer one simple question: Can you solve a local problem in your community by building with Google’s technologies? 🤔

This event is known as the Google DSC Solution Challenge.

The 2021 Solution Challenge mission is to solve for one or more of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals using Google technology. 💻

In the session, you will get to know, the Self Paced Codelabs, Timeline, Judging Criteria and exciting Prizes! 🎁

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A special panel consisting of the 2020 Solution Challenge Runner Ups - Hrishikesh Mane, Parag Ghorpade, Akash Lende and Varun Irani will be joining us too! They are the creators of ChecXray - a Flutter application to detect the Covid-19 disease using chest radiographs.

Come join us and hear from the previous winners. Ask them about their experience, Get to know your domain, pick local problems, use Google Tech and Solve!

See you there! ✨

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