LINKEDIN PROFILE BUILDING SESSION - Linkin' Into the professional world

♦️One of the most important profiles to maintain in 2021 as a budding engineer 👨‍💻 is your LinkedIn Profile. ♦️ Previously, we've come across multi faceted developers who excel 🚀 in their work but fail to bag internships and jobs due to lack of visibility. 📢To tackle these issues of wasted potential, we bring to you a highly anticipated event on "LinkedIn Profile Building" by Dhairya Gangwani

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About this event

 LINKEDIN PROFILE BUILDING SESSION - Link in' Into the professional world👨‍💻

🌐 Your network is your net worth.

💠Your network can be an excellent source of new perspectives and beliefs, it helps you Being visible and getting noticed and Expand your contacts to open doors to new opportunities for your career.

💠 Through LinkedIn, you can let the job world know about yourself in a bit detailed manner. It helps you to increase your professional network.

 The speaker for this session is Dhairya Gangwani

Dhairya Gangwani is ENTC engineer turned management consultant, currently working with KPMG in India as an SAP Analyst. She is also a content creator, mentor, and, keynote speaker who has delivered over 100+ talks at national and international platforms.

Key Perks :

♦️ Get to know the importance and benefits of LinkedIn.

♦️ Learn how to approach and apply for internships.

♦️ Get to know what are good startup companies to work with.

♦️A hands-on live demo by the speaker 👩‍💻

♦️ Live Q and A session with the speaker