Cyber Security Track - Session #5

About this event

Hello GDSC family

We're excited to announce that today 12 May, at 10:00 PM, we're hosting an event that's sure

to be informative and interesting for all tech enthusiasts out there. Here's what we'll be


1-Introduction to injection

2-SQL injection

3-Blind SQL injection


5-Html injection

6-XXE injection

7-Server-side template injection

8-Command injection

Whether you're a tech professional or just curious about cryptography and security, this

event is not to be missed. So, Set a clock for today’s session at 10:00 PM to expand your

knowledge and ask questions from our expert speaker!🤩

You can attend this session on [Google Meet] using this link👇

And Join our Whatsapp Group😎

to access the Cyber Security Track today and get all News. Stay safe, and share the knowledge with your friends😍




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