CS50xModern Academy Hosted by GDSC

Modern Academy in Maadi - Sakr Koresh Maadi, 13763 - View Map Modern Academy - Computer Science
Aug 15 - Sep 14, 2022, 12:32 PM (EET)

CS50xModern Academy was an event that lasted 4 weeks to teach students the fundamentals of CS before starting our tracks. We communicated with David Malan at Harvard University and he appreciated our work.

About this event

With our T/A staff, we made the Egyptian vision of the CS50x Course for our academy students to teach them the fundamentals of computer science and programming to make it easier during the season.

It lasted 4 weeks every Monday and Wednesday for 8 sessions and we gave our students 3 tasks to apply their knowledge and show us.

During the course, we communicated with David Malan and he appreciated our work and made us a YouTube video to thank us. 


Aug 15 - Sep 14
12:32 PM (EET)


Modern Academy in Maadi
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