Kotlin Night: Problem Solving event.

About this event


"Be curious about everything. Never stop learning. Never stop growing."

GDSC MIET, in collaboration with GDSC GEC, Palakkad, and GDSC ICCS, Thrissur, presents you the last day of the incredible event "Jetpack Compose: Day 4, The Kotlin Night!".

Learned some cool tips and tricks during the sessions? It's time to showcase them!!

The session will be based on what you learned in the past 3 events and a quiz to evaluate your thinking and problem-solving skills.

Winners will be chosen from the three colleges. So, fasten your belts, we're about to go national!


1. Hands-on experience with Jetpack compose and kotlin

2. Earn badges and certificates

3. Kick-start your journey in android

Have your learning hats on and join us.

Hope to see you all at the event.