Research Internships

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About this event

DSC CCOEW will be hosting a session on Research Internships at 2:00 pm.

The speaker for this session is Michelle Thalakottur.

Michelle is currently a final year Computer Engineering student at Cummins College.

She was a Summer Research Intern at IIT Patna in 2019 where she worked on Machine Learning, Dimensionality Reduction and co-authored three papers which were later published in international conferences and journals.

In 2020, she worked as a Summer Research Intern at IIT Bombay, on Static Analysis,Points-to analysis.

Her B.Tech. Project is a Research Project sponsored by IIT Bombay in the domain Programming Languages (PL), Compilers

and she will carry on doing research after BTech during grad school.

Topics for the session:

- What is research?

- How do you ‘do’ a Research Internship

- Before Applying

- Applying

- After Applying

- Her experience