Competitive Programming and Campus Placements

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Hello everyone,

DSC CCOEW will be hosting a session on Competitive Programming and Campus Placements at 5:30 pm IST on the 23rd of March, 2021. The speaker for this session is Rahul Yadav. 

Rahul completed his bachelor's in Computer Engineering from Army Institute of Technology, Pune in 2020.

He currently works at Google as a Software Engineer under the Cloud Security Organization, as well as as an Instructor at the Scaler Academy by Interview Bit. Prior to joining Google, he worked at Amazon under the Alexa Organization. He has also worked as an intern at Tarana Wireless, Pune and added multiple utility features to the services running on the Tarana Devices.

While in college, he was the highest-rated coder in Pune and also became the first Candidate Master of the city. He was also the head of the Competitive Coding Cell at AIT and took monthly classes for the first, second, and third-year students on Data Structures, Algorithms, and Problem Solving.

He, along with his teammates secured the 5th position in ACM-ICPC at the Pune-Gwalior regionals and 28th position in ACM-ICPC Asia West Continent Finals in the year 2020.

He ranked 75th in Round H and 231st in Round E, among the participating 40,000 candidates from around the world in Google Kickstart and also qualified for the Facebook Hacker Cup in 2019.

Topics for the session:

Competitive Programming

  1.    What is CP?
  2.    How to get started with CP?
  3.    CP-related competitions.


  1.    Types of Rounds.
  2.    Computer Science Fundamentals.
  3.    How should one Strategize?
  4.    Strategy for Amazon.
  5.    Strategy for Google.