Internship 101: How to land your dream internship?

With the crazy competition out there, how do you land your dream internship? Join this session and your dream internship will only be a few tips and tricks away!

Oct 11, 2021, 2:30 – 3:30 PM



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Hey Guys!

Greetings from GDSC MIT ADTU & Cuvette Tech! Cuvette Tech are a startup founded by the alumni of IIT Kharagpur & IIM Ahmedabad which helps college students to get internships in Software Development throughout the year.

As a part of there Virtual University Tour Program, they are coming to our campus this week. The session will be taken by one of the Co-founder - Atul Singhal where he will be covering various issues which students face to get Internship and how Internships are important in terms of job.

You can check out there website - to know more about how Cuvette helps in getting internships. They are very thankful to 8500+ students from 1000+ Engineering colleges PAN India for trusting them and joining there platform. Till now, more than 200 students have been able to get an internship offer through them with an average stipend of Rs 15,000/ month. They are in touch with more than 500 companies from India, USA & Singapore and lots of exciting opportunities are coming everyday.

If you have any queries then , fill the form below.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the session!


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