Intro to AI

About this event

Artificial intelligence is the hype now and we read about different technologies such as machine leaning, deep learning and other fields but what exactly are those and how is AI shaping our future?

We cannot ignore how popular it has become in recent years and how crucial it has become learn more about it. That is why DSC MUST decided to host this introductory session to answer all your questions! 😄

What will you learn in this session? 🤔

You will learn about the different applications of AI, how you can start to your leaning journey and what to can gain from it. This session is mainly to give you an overview on how to kick off your career in this era, and how to be unique in this field. In addition to that, you will get time to ask all your questions and have them answered ❤️

The session start at 7 pm on Thursday on Facebook Live ✨. Follows us to find out more about the speaker and get a reminder when the session starts!