Flutter Forward Extended M.H. Saboo Siddik College of Engineering - Mumbai (DAY 2)

About this event

What You will Learn ?

Dart And Flutter From Scratch

Learn About Package Utilities

How To Design Basic UI?

Hands-On Live Project Building

Access To Code Labs Documentation

This event is designed to provide an introduction to Flutter for attendees who have little to no experience with the framework. The focus will be on building a useful and practical application - a random startup name generator.

Throughout the event, attendees will receive step-by-step guidance on how to create the application using Flutter and the Dart programming language. The event will cover everything from setting up the development environment to building the user interface, handling user input, and generating random names.

In addition to learning Flutter, attendees will also gain an understanding of the basics of Dart. This will include topics such as variables, data types, functions, and control structures.

By the end of the event, attendees will have created their own startup name generator application, and will have gained a solid understanding of Flutter and Dart. This event provides a great opportunity for attendees to learn new skills and connect with other like-minded individuals.