CV/Resume Writing

Mehran University of Engineering and Technology
Thu, Dec 24, 2020, 7:00 PM (PKT)

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CV/ Resume writing!!

Over the past week, we have observed how the engineering council has made it mandatory for every student to have an internship. Not only this, but many seniors have also confirmed how stressful it is to be selected into good organizations. For those who are still confused, many students struggle to find and get into good internship programs and organizations because they fail to write an immaculate CV or resume showcasing their talents and abilities. ­čôŁ

Therefore, to ease your struggles and help you perfect your CV writing skills, DSC MUET has arranged a webinar particularly dedicated to "CV writing and internship hunting." The seminar will aim to educate you regarding:

- where to get the best internships.

- which internships best suit your capabilities and can prove to be a good learning chance.

- how to write good CVs and resumes.

So get your laptops ready and learn from those who are experienced and talented in the field. Ease your worries about internships and jobs by writing a CV that will wow the organization you are applying to and is bound to get you in any position you wish.

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