Linux and git workshop pt. 2

In almost all software/hardware engineering jobs, you'll be using a Unix-like system to some extent such as simply traversing through directories on the terminal, using git commands and `ssh`-ing to remote servers. What does all this mean? Come attend our 2-part Intro to Linux workshop series to learn what Linux even is, build your foundation in basic terminal commands, and how to use git.

Nov 30, 2020, 10:30 PM – Dec 1, 2020, 12:00 AM



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Linux is used in almost all disciplines of the software engineering industry. In fact, you are using Linux without even knowing it - Linux is everywhere; on your smartphones, your smartwatches, smart fridge, internet router, your modern car probably, servers on the cloud, satellites, literally everywhere! It's important for all developers and technology enthusiasts to learn a little bit about Linux, what it even is, and how might you come across it in the real world.

The DSC McMaster U chapter will be running 2 workshops on Intro to Linux to help you gain basic knowledge and understanding of Linux, particularly in the context of software development co-op jobs. Through this workshop series you will learn exactly what Linux/Unix even means, what some of the differences are between popular operating systems, and why Linux is such a big deal. Then we will dive deep into learning common commands run on the terminal, especially those that are most relevant to maintaining code bases. We will learn how to use nano, vim, and git.

Part 2 topics:

  1. Useful commands used in the terminal
  2. Bash scripting
  3. git branches


Watch the recording of the Intro to Linux pt. 1 workshop!

Have some sort of terminal ready. (Note that you don’t need Linux to use a terminal - see Windows and MacOS options below. You can get Linux but that may be a bit intimidating for beginners.)

Windows: install and set up Windows WSL

MacOS: you’re already ready (terminal)

  • Search terminal in the search bar and open it

Linux: you’re already ready (terminal)

  • Search terminal in the search bar and open it

Other ways to get Linux:

  • Virtual Machine (VM)
  • VirtualBox
  • VMWare
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Dual boot

Make sure you have a GitHub account (and can access it!) Register here


This workshop will be broadcast on YouTube Live. Those who are attending live will get the opportunity to meet and greet with the workshop hosts, ask questions, receive immediate troubleshooting help by our mentors, and also work with other attendees through the workshop practical exercises! We will be using virtual break out rooms to help facilitate the interactivity of the audience and let them meet and work with others should they choose to do so.

How to RSVP and attend

Click the RSVP button on this event page to register for the event. Then, at the time of the event, check your email or come back to this page and click the "Join" button that will re-direct you to our virtual platform for the event.


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