DSC End of Year Game Night

About this event

The DSC End of Year Game Night is an open virtual event, open for all members of the North America and global DSC community and friends

Come join us as we celebrate the end of the school year. We'll be playing a variety of games, such as Skribble, Codenames, Taboo, Charades, Checkers, Chess and more!

We'll be playing on Backyard.co. We'll have several lobbies set up, with their links in the description of the YouTube Livestream (https://youtu.be/dnI8-fGqcvU). 

  • Codenames lobby
  • Doodle lobby
  • Fishbowl (Taboo, Passcodes, and Charades) lobby
  • + 3 open lobbies for the participants to choose their own game!