Algorithmic Investing

McMaster University
Fri, Jan 21, 6:00 PM (EST)

About this event

Want to learn how hedge funds make millions, and how you can do the same? For this, we will go over the basics of algorithmic trading with backtesting in Python and strategy formation with McMaster Fintech Club.

In this workshop, McMaster Fintech Club’s Co-Founder Rylan will provide the necessary finance background to build a trading bot and perform back-testing. Our Workshops & Talks Co-Lead Bilal will then take you through the technical portion of actually building the bot which will simulate the stock market.

Preworkshop Requirements (download before attending):

- Python 3.7 with command line access

- Pip installed along with Python

- Code editor/text editor compatible with Python

If you have any questions, join our Discord server and we can get you set up.

What are we are covering:


- Moving Averages

- Exponential Moving Averages

- Moving Average Convergence Divergence


- Coding a bot to backtest stock market strategies

- Visualizing stock market data

- Evaluating performance of strategies

How to RSVP and Attend:

We will host this event on Zoom and post a recording on YouTube after. RSVP at the top of this event page.

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