Introduction to Machine Learning and Gradient Descent Algorithm

Are you curious about the world of Machine Learning? Want to understand how machines can learn from data and make predictions? Look no further! Join our "Introduction to Machine Learning" workshop to kickstart your journey into this fascinating field.

Sep 6, 2023, 12:30 – 1:45 PM



Key Themes

Machine Learning

About this event

 For someone who wants to explore the domain of machine learning, this will be your go-to session to do so, our very own ML Lead will be taking charge of the session! 

 In this session you will learn

 -Basics of Machine Learning: Understand the fundamental concepts.

- Real-world Applications: Discover how ML is transforming industries.

- Hands-on Demos: Get a taste of ML in action.

- Q&A Session: Ask your burning questions.

- Networking: Connect with fellow enthusiasts.


  • Bhupathi Reddy Budupu

    MVSR Engineering College




    GDSC Lead

  • Chiduruppala Pooja

    Tech Lead & Co-Lead

  • Anisha Sarikonda

    Public Relations Lead

  • Ruthvik Gujjari

    Event Management Lead

  • 2451-20-733-066 LAXMISETTI KARTHIK

    Project Lead

  • tansin taj

    Digital Marketing & Social Media Lead

  • Madhur Kannamwar

    Event Management Co-Lead

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