Career Catalyst: Why Machine Learning & Data Science Should Be Your Next Move

Dive into the world of Machine Learning and Data Science: From the basics to the buzzworthy!

Jan 11, 5:00 – 6:00 PM



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## **Dive into the world of machine learning and data science!**

Curious about the buzzwords transforming industries? This session demystifies key terms like AI and ML, then dives into the data science workflow – from collecting messy data to building powerful models. We'll explore real-world applications across healthcare, finance, and beyond, fueling your imagination.

But it doesn't stop there! We'll pulse-check the hottest trends like deep learning and discuss the booming job market for data scientists. Ethical considerations and future possibilities will round out the picture, leaving you inspired and informed.

Ready to take the first step? We'll provide practical resources and tips to kickstart your learning journey, build your portfolio, and overcome challenges. This session is your launchpad to unlock the potential of machine learning and data science!

**In 60 minutes, you'll:**

* Understand the basics of machine learning and data science

* Discover real-world applications across diverse industries

* Learn about hot trends and the booming job market

* Get practical resources and tips to start your journey

Join us and unlock the future!


  • Kane Vundi

    Freelance Data Scientist


  • Valencia Neema

    Public Relations


  • Vivianne Mogeni

    GDSC Lead

  • Sarah Santa


  • Moses Muiru

    Social Media

  • nick eagle

    nick eagle

    Media & Creatives

  • Valencia Neema

    Public Relations

  • Sebbie Evayo


    Club Secretary

  • Phoebe Christine


  • valarine cherono


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