Roadmap to Data Science

The event was organized by IEEE MEFGI Student Branch and Google Developer Student Clubs MU at Marwadi University. The webinar took place on 18th February 2023 at 10:00 AM on Cisco Webex. The keynote speaker was Ms. Teesha Kshatriya from Department of CE-AI 6th Semester, who is the Vice Chair at MEFGI Student Branch and Data Science lead at GDSC MU.

Feb 18, 2023, 4:30 – 5:30 AM



Key Themes

Explore ML

About this event

The purpose of the event was to introduce students from various classes of Marwadi University to the field of Data Science and provide a comprehensive understanding of the skills required and the path to follow to excel in the field. The event aimed to equip students with knowledge of Data Science tools and techniques. Additionally, the event aimed to inform students about the various career paths available in Data Science and the importance of continuous learning and upskilling in the field. Overall, the event aimed to motivate students to explore the field of Data Science further and consider it as a career option. 


  • Teesha Kshatriya

    Data Science Lead



    Tech Lead


    Public Speaking Team Head

  • Anup Singh

    Marwadi University

    Designing and Content Creation Head

  • Teesha Kshatriya

    GDSC Lead

  • Neel Dholakia

    Research Lead

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