About this event

It is our pleasure to announce that GDSC MCE 🎊 is coming with another fantastic event: Flutteristic📱

At this event you will learn and master one of the most popular mobile app development frameworks in the world📍

With Flutter , you can build beautiful, natively compiled mobile, web, and desktop applications.

Get a head start on developing apps by learning the basics🔝💯

Now that the excitement levels are up, let's get the registration process started 💥✅

🔗 Registration Link : https://bit.ly/flutteristic

🗣️ Speaker : Govind SB 🎤(GDSC MCE Flutter lead)

For Futher clarifications :

▪️ Gayathri : +91 85479 77183

▪️ Amritha BS : +91 90372 71973

Happy developing 💯🎊