The Mighty Hack

Manipal Institute of Technology - Manipal
Mar 19 - 21, 2022, 12:00 AM (IST)

About this event

Hackathons are a fantastic learning experience, and in the engineering journey, they seem sine qua non. The core team felt that many students are yearning to participate in one but felt inexperienced in taking part. Thus, we curated a three-episode podcast series covering every aspect of hackathons that we deemed necessary. We called panelists, students from our college, Manipal institute of technology, who are proficient in their technology niches and have a knack for hackathons. The first episode, titled "How to ace Hackathons", was an end to end guide for hackathons where we covered frequently asked questions and cleared out whatever queries any participant would have. The second episode, titled "How to win internships", covered hiring challenges. We invited participants who have cleared challenges like JP Morgan's Code for Good, Microsoft Engage and Amex Codestreet and asked them to share their experiences. The final episode, titled "How to get your winning strategy", comprised advice and tips from panelists who have won many significant hackathons.

The work varied from deciding the topics and subsequently the people who would have the most experience to giving an exhaustive overview of the topic at hand. Then, we juggled with the schedules of these panelists until finally, we had a date to sit down with them. After deciding on a loose script, the team also had to take care of the video logs' interviewing and video editing aspects.

An exciting part of the hackathon preparation was when the core committee came together, put on their thinking caps, and churned ideas for the hack problem statement. We reached out to esteemed peers of our college and worked towards collating a wonderfully insightful podcast series. It took much looking around for problems that needed to be addressed, which may yield the most innovative solutions from participants.

With over 180 likes on Instagram TV, the podcast series was a huge success and helped hundreds of students in our college and even outside gain the necessary knowledge and exposure to ace hackathons!