Community Kickstart 2020 x Kickstart Competitive Programming with Aarnav Jindal

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About this event

Community Kickstart 2020 focuses on introducing the Developer Student Clubs to the students at MRIIRS. One special surprise would be that, During the 2020-21 session, our DSC Lead, Nistha Singh will be initiating the introduction of a new domain to our DSC MRIIRS chapter which has never been included in most of India's DSC's. We are also going to provide various opportunities to students in the ways "How they can contribute and become a part of their campus's DSC. 

Other than this, in the second half of the session. We will welcome our guest Speaker, Aarnav Jindal who will be taking over to introduce the students to the field of Competitive Programming by providing insights on opportunities and addressing the obstacles that a beginner faces and how they can best overcome it. He will also be touching on the topic of the best resources available on the internet as of now. In the end, we will announce exciting news for all the enthusiastic students who are interested in different domains that DSC MRIIRS is dedicated to. 

We cannot wait to see you!!!!