30 Days of Web Development

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                                                                                          Register at: https://skillenza.com/challenge/30daysofwebdev

50+ DSCs across the country proudly present to you "30 Days of Web Development" ✌. It is designed for people with all levels of experience in web development: from absolute beginners to pro-shots!💻 This initiative will help you get started with web development and learn the most important aspects through expert-curated content.

There are tons of swags, goodies, and even internship opportunities (with HR round) for grabs 🎁. Everyone gets a certificate of participation and if you manage to complete the course, you get a certificate of excellence.🏆

Get ready to acquire new skills! Get ready for #30DaysOfWebDevelopment!💯

                                                                                       Join our Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/TCvEVb94p9