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Bilal Aamer, a seasoned data scientist, and dedicated TensorFlow User Group organizer, leverages cutting-edge technologies to uncover transformative insights. His passion for fostering collaboration and innovation in the field of machine learning is evident in his work and engaging presentations. Bilal is a driving force in advancing data science knowledge and practice

Sep 22, 2023, 4:30 – 10:30 AM



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About this event

The upcoming GDSC seminar, featuring Bilal Aamer, a seasoned Data Scientist from Sky Computing, is poised to become a monumental event in the realm of data science. As we look forward, it is evident that this seminar will leave an indelible mark on all who will have the privilege of attending.

Bilal, with his profound knowledge and engaging presentation style, will make the complex world of data science comprehensible. He will articulate the intricacies of data analysis, machine learning, and the practical applications of data science in industries across the board.

Attendees will not be mere spectators; they will be active participants in a learning journey guided by Bilal's expertise. The seminar, in foresight, promises to be a treasure trove of insights and practical wisdom. Bilal's words of wisdom from the upcoming event are expected to resonate as attendees embark on their own data science ventures.

As we look forward to this forthcoming seminar, we express our deepest gratitude to Bilal Aamer for his forthcoming invaluable contribution. The event is undoubtedly anticipated to be a resounding success, with its impact set to endure.

The upcoming event will serve as a catalyst, fueling the passion for data science among all who will be present. It will reinforce GDSC's commitment to nurturing a vibrant tech community and will provide a solid foundation for future learning endeavors.

In conclusion, the seminar with Bilal Aamer is destined to be a momentous chapter in the GDSC journey. Looking ahead, it will be a testament to the power of knowledge-sharing and the boundless opportunities that data science presents. We eagerly anticipate more such future events that will inspire, educate, and shape the future of technology.



Friday, September 22, 2023
4:30 AM – 10:30 AM UTC


Guest Speaker


  • Bilal Aamer


    GDSC Lead



    GDSC Lead

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