30 Days Learning Challenge

Makerere University
Oct 10 - Nov 9, 2022, 10:54 PM (EAT)

The goal of the 30 Days Learning Challenge is to encourage members to get started in a new area of tech. Register with our bot for any track that you want to learn https://bit.ly/bot-register-30Days. Get training materials tailored for you everyday. Connect with many others like you learning the same track, ask questions and grow together at your campus and in Sub Saharan Africa.

About this event

The 30 Days Learning Challenge from 10th October to 9th November.

Our goal is to encourage people to get started on a new area of tech, and to encourage new "never-coded-befores" to take that essential bold first step.

Daily tasks will be provided across various chosen tech tracks chosen, which will be communicated to you and other members via Telegram. Each day, resources will be provided such that if you diligently complete each, task you will have enough skills to complete a simple project.

A telegram bot has been created to collect your data, and guide you through the appropriate next steps.

The link for the bot is https://bit.ly/bot-register-30Days

After setting up your telegram bot, go ahead to ask your questions in our GDSC group where all queries will be addressed.


You can join several tracks of learning including;

1. Backend Web Development with Nodejs

2. Backend Web Development with Python

3. Cross-Platform Mobile App Development with Flutter

4. Frontend Web Development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

5. Frontend Web Development with React

6. Game Development with Unity

7. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with Python

8. Kotlin for Android (Beginners)

9. Kotlin for Android (Intermediate)

10. UI/UX

Good Luck!