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About this event

The three biggest societies of MM(DU) - CodeChef, DSC, and CODEx are collaborating together to organize a competitive coding competition called CodeArena on the 18th of October on the CodeChef platform. In this contest, we invite the budding competitive coders around the country to show off their programming skills and compete with their fellow coders. Unique coding questions will make the seasoned participants rack their brains to find the solutions yet even beginners will find themselves clearing some of the questions.


1.) Students should not only provide a correct answer but also need to be speedy. As in case of a tie, the time taken to solve the problem will be taken into consideration.

2.) Participants can solve the questions in any coding language of their choice.

3.) Accuracy as well as Speed matter in this competition.


1.) There will be 1 round with 5 questions

2.) The time limit will be 3 hours

3.) The event will be free of cost

4.) It will be an individual event.

5.) Certificates will be provided to participants as well as winners.


1.) Participants are required to ensure good internet connectivity.

2.) The time limit will not be extended for any participant in case of power or network issue.

For any queries Contact :

Dilpreet: 73042 80988

Arijit: 70112 55469

Pallab: 96670 88979