DevBOND 200

DSC MM(DU) is organizing an event "DevBOND 200". This whole event will be divided into various rounds wherein students will be challenged on various aspects like current technology, programming, and learning capabilities.

Sep 11, 2021, 5:30 – 8:30 AM



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About this event

DSC MM(DU) is organizing an event "DEV BOND 200". This whole event will be divided into three rounds wherein each round students will be challenged on various aspects like current technology, programming, and learning capabilities.


The first round will be of QUIZ which consists of general questions where they can showcase their knowledge.

The second round is to DEBUG THE CODE, in which students have to identify the error(s) in the code (if any) and rewrite the code.

The third round will be on OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTION, in this first students will be provided with the introduction on Github in which they will be explained about all the necessary knowledge to complete this round and how to contribute to our Repositories in which there will be two categories to choose from web and app development. (Everything will be explained by the team before the round on Google Meet).

Event Type: Group

Team Size: 01-02

Rules and regulations

1) Participants can participate solo or in a team of two members.

2) In all the rounds only one person is allowed to give answers on the behalf of his team. Other members can help him too but answers should be submitted only once per team.

3) Two submissions will not be entertained, points will be awarded based on the first submission only.

4) Participants have to complete the quiz in the given time.

5 )There will be no disqualification round.

6) Participants need to maintain the decorum of the event. Any kind of misbehavior can disqualify them from the event.

7) Rounds will be conducted on Google Meet and all the necessary information will be shared through the WhatsApp group.

Judging criteria:

  •  Points should be awarded for every right answer. (For the First and second round).
  • The winner will be decided on the basis of the sum total of all rounds.
  • In the third round, points will be awarded for each step.

join the event at 11:00 am on 11 Sep 2021 through the below link:

For queries:

Mohit Kumar 8569891223

Sakshi Agarwal 8527059115


  • Sushant Dhiman

    GDSC Lead

  • Vishal Gupta Computer Science


    Faculty Advisor

  • Jai Kush Mehta

    Core Team Member

  • Sahil Panwar

    Core team Member

  • vaishnavi vaishnavi

    No company

    Core Team Member

  • Vansh Narang

    Core Team Member

  • Bajrang Gour

    Core Team Member


    Core Team Member

  • Rishabh Kumar Singh

    Core Team Member

  • Aaditya Chaudhary

    Core Team Member

  • Darshan Soni

    Core Team Member

  • Saurav Kumar GDSC


    Core Team Member

  • Ajay Kumar

    Core Team Member

  • Niraj Kumar

    Core Team Member

  • Parag Sharma

    Core Team Member

  • Hemish Mehta

    Core Team Member

  • Kartavaya Jain

    Core Team Member

  • Niharika Attri

    Core Team Member

  • Akshat Malik

    Core Team Member

  • Aryan Jha

    Core Team Member

  • Yogesh Vashisth

    Core Team Member

  • Kartik Goel

    Core Team Member

  • Ritika Bansal

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  • Payal Sharma

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  • vanshika sharma

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